Dances Rhythmically By Expressing Audio Transmissions

Scottish Bboy &

Hip-Hop Dancer.

Performer. Teacher.

“Scots dancer Nico Major, who dresses like a gangsta rapper’s henchman and moves with the facility of The Gloved One.”
Vancouver Courier
  1. Bullet‘ THE PIONEERS course - KEN SWIFT [7Gems/Rock Steady Crew]

DR BEAT features here...

discussing my experience

being taught by

the legendary


(7 Gems / Rock Steady Crew)

on the first ever

‘The Pioneers’ course

run by Breakin Convention



  1. BulletDR BEAT x ‘THE PACKAGE’ [ECA Video Production project]

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A small ‘VIDEO PRODUCTION’ group project from my time at Edinburgh College Of Art.


title - ‘THE PACKAGE’

to create a short 2min film with a concept to fit the title, that we MUST entirely - Devise, Storyboard, Produce, Light & Sound, Film, Direct and Edit - and it could only be filmed with the confines of the Art College Video department.

I also ended up

performing in this...

  1. Bullet‘ 1998. A Silent Music Video ’ [DR BEAT x Philipp Schroeder ]

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An art college video project, by Philipp Schroeder, to create a silent music video.

The whole piece performed in slow-motion, as the sequence of a day, from waking to nightfall. Small body popping-esque movements were subtly added to give it a slightly robotic mime feel. The footage was then speed up to a more natural pace.

Originally in time with 'Midnight In A Perfect World' by DJ Shadow, the audio was then removed to adhere to the project brief...

  1. Bullet‘ PIANO-SAURUS ’ [a musical mash-up~EDIT by DR BEAT. Xmas 2016]

a specially-crafted DR BEAT

musical mash-up EDIT,

of 3 piano-y based,

Bboy Breaks & Beats...

I made this edit very recently

as the performance soundtrack,

for one of my weekly

junior 'Breakdance' classes

at: Step It Up Dance

Christmas Show 2016

After many requests, I

‘released the track[EDIT]’

on Youtube... ;)

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  1. Bullet RANDOM

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