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Dances R.hythmically By Expressing Audio Transmissions
Nico Major's certificate for The Pioneers: Bboy Foundation by Ken Swift / Breakin Conevtion 10-15 December 2007
Nico “DR. BEAT” Major began dancing and performing at 5 years old, as a member of several of Edinburgh and East Lothian’s many Youth Dance and Youth Theatre companies, with his first professional theatre performance at 10 years old and several small TV appearances throughout his teens. The experiences of those early years coupled with an introduction to Hip Hop music via mixtapes, being passed around at High School, were the primer to a future life-style and vocation as a Hip Hop practitioner.

n 1997, the Hip Hop fever took full hold. Initially trained in the dance styles and as a teacher by Freshmess, he was further schooled in both Hip Hop art forms by many of Scotland’s original underground Hip Hop scene and periodically through masterclasses from some of Breaking, Rocking, Popping & Locking’s original pioneers and current world-class dancers including – 7 Gems Rock Division, Electric Boogaloos, Alien Ness, Freeze, Ata, Frankie Flav, Reveal, Dyzee and Gemini. In 2007, he was one of the first people in the UK to receive certified teacher training in ‘Bboy Foundation’, taught by the world-famous Bboy legend, Ken Swift (Rock Steady Crew / 7GEMS) through ‘The Pioneers’ programme run by Breakin Convention in London.

As a dancer, he has won many local Breaking competitions, with his unique FREE-style technique, which later led onto performances (on stage and screen) and tours (as far as Canada) with many other award-winning dance and theatre companies, Bboy crews and other talented performers including – Freshmess, The Cuban Brothers, flamenco guitarist Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco Flow, comedian Tim Minchin, Flyin Jalapenos, Etch N Sketch (co-founder), The Master Craftsmen (co-founder), Hip Hoda, Magnetic North Theatre Company, Random Aspekts (co-founder), Urban Dance Theatre, Scottish musicians CROFT No.5 and Reachout as well as promotional performances for many companies such as – Levis, T-Mobile, Reebok, Scotrail, Bacardi, Hypnotiq, Jamesons Whisky, Miller Beer, Smirnoff Ice…and even once upon a time danced for HRH Prince Charles’ Royal Garden Party!